Building Fund

Our Building Campaign has been approved. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated in helping to build our sacred space—our church.

If you utilize WeShare without filling out a physical pledge card please contact in order to be properly acknowledged on the Memorial Plaque.



Sunday Offertory

Tithing the first fruits of your income (5% is the normal guideline for the parish portion of a 10% total tithe) is a tremendous expression of your gratitude and faithfulness to God. Tithing in a selfless spirit of love for God will bring great peace and blessing to your life.


Support Youth Group and Faith Formation

This collection supports the Youth Group/Faith Formation as well as providing flowers at Easter and Christmas. Please make your selection after choosing a pledge amount. Thank you!


Catholic School Scholarship Fund

You can make a very special gift to help a child from Our Lady of the Angels to go to a nearby Catholic elementary or high school.


Catholic Faith Appeal

Every dollar given through the CFA has a 100% direct benefit for Our Lady of the Angels parish, crediting against our assessment to the diocese and then rebated back to us once we exceed goal for our own ministry here at the parish. Giving to the CFA is a tremendous way to impact tens of thousands of lives through the work of the larger Church. Bishop Frank DeWayne shares this message: “Our Catholic Faith teaches us to recognize Christ in every person – and sometimes this is no small task. As long as we have breath within us, we are called to “do good for all,” which means seeing Christ in everyone we encounter. As members of the Church, serving Christ is a central part of our vocation to holiness.