Leadership & Ministries

Dear Family of Our Lady of the Angels Parish,

As the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Pastoral Council, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you, that all ministries have been enhanced by coming together under five commissions, in our Growing Into Christ Journey. These include:

  • Liturgy and Worship – The Prayers of Christ
  • Evangelization and Faith Formation – The Teachings of Christ
  • Pastoral Care and Outreach – The Hands & Heart of Christ
  • Community Life – The Family of Christ
  • Stewardship and Development – The Gifts of Christ
  • Designated leaders of each commission become members of the Pastoral Council.

Parish Leadership Team

This all came to fruition on Saturday, September 17th, as the leaders and team members of the commissions, gathered with Father Dan and his Growing Into Christ associate, Tom Sonni, in almost perfect attendance, to first celebrate the Liturgy of the Mass. There is no better beginning. The Holy Spirit continued with us on to Sacred Heart Hall. The day was filled with a true sense of unity, as all groups were exploding with enthusiasm in their brainstorming sessions. How can the wants and needs of our parishioners be best met. What will bring each and every member of our church to a greater sense of belonging to a loving family. How can the OLA Family reach out to all communities. The giving of self by many is happening. It is an exciting time of new ideas, activities and reaching out programs, steeped in the desire to grow spiritually and praise God. All are Welcome! Please prayerfully consider joining one of our many ministries, that may be calling you to serve Our Creator. We are many parts, but all one body! Please know that The Pastoral Council is committed, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, to serve Father Dan and the Our Lady of the Angels Family, all for the Glory of God!

In His Name,

MaryAnn Burris, Founding Chair
Rich Barnett, Founding Co-Chair

MaryAnn Burris - Chair

Rich Barnet Co Chair Parish Council

Rich Barnet - Co Chair